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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 21, 2013 9:00am-11:00am EST

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>> gretchen: tomorrow, we'll have miranda lambert, who will stop by. you know her as a country music star sensation. >> brian: we'll review the president's big speech today and find out what it's being to mean fort next four years. >> steve: log on to the after the show show. now back to washington. bill: good morning from pennsylvania avenue, just across from the white house. the vips are arriving here in washington, d.c. it is an absolutely stunning day already. the stage is set, the mall looks terrific and festivities. they are about to begin in the second inauguration of president barack obama. a bit of a road show for us today. good morning from washington. i'm bill hemmer. special edition of "america's newsroom" on this inauguration day from america's capitol. you look great. martha: terrific to be here. the viewing stand you see behind us. there is the white house.
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a huge day today. the public event follows the official swearing in we watched yesterday in a small private ceremony that took place in the blue room in the white house. bill: a couple of hours we'll see the parade go right past us here. chief political correspondent carl cameron begins our coverage. live from the national mall. set the scene. what do you see from where you are, carl? >> reporter: happy 57th inaugural and happy martin luther king day. welcome to the national mall, beautiful, beautiful morning. off in the distance there are storm clouds and rumors of possible drizzle but people are coming in. strangers are high-fiving, shaking hand. really excited for the second inaugural of president barack obama. this is not supposed to be a partisan event. this is an official constitutional requirement that is supposed to be the nonpartisan. having said that, second terms tend to be rougher for presidents and folks in
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washington and both parties are aware of that. he has a very busy agenda. he has a year to get that done. after you get to the midterms in 2014 the battle resumes and looking to replace him in 2016. there is a timetable on this and people are well aware of it. president will make his inauguration speech. sweeping proposals where he wants to bring the country into tomorrow, in our future. innagurals are about looking ahead, not looking back. absences are here. mitt romney not attending. the rivals often don't, vanquished one. the parade, all the folks here on the mall will move over there to watch it as he returns to the white house for his second term. bill, martha? bill: what a scene it was four years ago on this day, carl. when you think about 1.6 to 1.8 million people came to washington, the most attended event they say in the history of the city. what are they saying about lower turnout four years later and how do they explain that?
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>> reporter: well they explain it in a number of ways. one it is a second term. the novelty and the newness is over. also the times are tough. the economy is sluggish. international challenges put a damper on many things. the president has a lot of work to do and a lot of battles ahead with republicans. they expect it could be significantly smaller. instead of 1.8 four years ago. they lowered the crowd estimates. originally 600 to 800,000. yesterday we were infirmed organizers think maybe closer to 500 to 700. only perhaps a quarter of the size of four years ago. of those here no less enthusiasm. bill, martha. bill: history will show you the beginning of second term, sometimes you get 250, 300,000 at the high end. carl, we'll talk to you later this morning. carl cameron on the mall. martha? martha: people who are here are very enthusiastic and excited to be part of this big day. no doubt that means very tight security here in washington as well. there will be extra air and boat patrols around the city
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along with checkpoints and metal detectors along the parade route. 2000 police officers from 0 states are helping with security. lined up motorcycles behind us on the parade route. more than 6,000 members of the national guard, one on the plane with me last night coming to help out. they will be deployed around washington, d.c. with another 2,000 stationed outside the city limits. choppers are overhead that started last evening as well. the fbi sending out a lot of agents. the bureau says there are no credible threats against this event today but they will be watching everybody very closely. bill: you can imagine planning for this is years in the making. first the president and vice president scheduled to arrive at the capitol building at 10:50 a.m. eastern time. they will be punctual. the swearing in will happen right at 11:55 a.m., about an hour later. then there is lunch. the parade will start at 2:40 eastern time this
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afternoon. the balls will begin later tonight. the first one, inaugural ball at 6:00 p.m. that will honor servicemembers and their families. the commander-in-chief's ball started by president bush number 43, martha. martha: the parade is a long tradition of the inaugural parade. dates back to the first president, george washington. our first president's parade was in new york city where he took the office on steps of federal hall, 1789 is when that took place of course. thomas jefferson's inauguration in 1801 was the first to take place in the new capitol city of washington, d.c.. the first organized parade occurred in 1809 at the inauguration of james madison when troops on horseback escorted the new president to the capitol. bill: william henry harrison's was longest ever. 1841. that was long before cable news was around. 8,000 words. took more than two hours to deliver. historians will tell you it was the worst address ever.
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that's what they say. boring the crowd with focus on ancient roman history. harrison also got a cold a few weeks later and died i can making the presidency the shortest in our country's history. martha: encouraging short speeches from there after, perhaps. watching the parade of course is free but you have to pay to attend some of the other events here. organizers just slashed ticket prices we understand. attending an inaugural ball costs $500 now. down from a thousand dollars. a sign the inaugural committee may have fallen short in their goal to raise $50 million. that moneys for the ball, parade, giant tv screens on the mall where everybody can watch. an important moment for people to sort of pause to appreciate and respect this great american system and tradition that installs a new president or reinstall a new president four years after every term. it is a moment to be happy.
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to rejoice in the transition that happies peacefully every four years. bill: i will tell you, the weather is always a major headline. this is the third week in january. you never quite know what you're going to get. we've been here when raining like thunder. other times we have been here it was just downright cold. predictions for today were dire up until 48 hours ago. martha: we lucked out. bill: we want to thank janice dean and rick reichmuth for their blessing today because we're quite happy. so as we roll on 9:07 a.m. eastern time here on our nation's capitol. >> talk a little bit about the potential for more tax hikes. with house republicans talking about that and a leading democrat coming out saying that congress needs more money in order to reach the numbers they have to get to. he says there is really no way around that except higher taxes. here is charles schumer. >> $1.7 trillion in cuts. we've done $600 billion in revenues.
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you will need more revenues as well as more cuts to get the deficit down. we're going to do a budget this year and it will have revenues in it and our republican colleagues better get used to that fact. martha: promise, promises right? they will do a budget this year. we haven't seen one in how long? stuart varney the anchor of "varney & company". how many years has it been now? >> i believe it is 3 1/2 years. we go through the tax debate. we thought we got higher taxes on the rich and it was over, not so. senator schumer and fellow democrats are proposing yet higher taxes on the rich, more taxes on oil and gas companies and taxes on profits that american corporations makeover seas. so that is three big areas where taxes are going to go up. all of this we are told is going to be in the new budget which the senate has to pass in about a three-month period. so, here they come, higher taxes. martha: yeah. i mean, stuart, as you point out the argument that is being waged now about really tax rerecall follow was something that conservatives
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offered the first time around as a good way to sort of change the system and bring in more revenues at the same time. now it looks like democrats including nancy pelosi say, no way, there is more revenue can come from this wealthy group. one of them is high-profile golfer looking to evade all of this apparently. >> the news broke this morning. talking about phil mickelson. he is california-based and he has had it with taxes. he says he is going to take dressic action because his tax rate is 62 or 6%. in other words he loses 63 cents on every dollar when you combine higher taxes he has to pay at the federal level with the much higher taxes he has to pay at the california state level. he says he has had enough. we think he is thinking about leaving california. martha: really? wonder where he is going to go? >> texas. martha: lot of choices. texas might be a good one. >> florida. martha: stuart, thank you very much, stuart. he will be a snowbird.
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bill: good for phil. i overdressed by the way. martha: you're feeling little warm? bill: i'm starting, i'm obsessed --. martha: we're prepared for sking. bill: we heeded the warnings. listened to our people in the weather center. martha: are you blaming them now? bill: absolutely number. we have thing called body warmers. martha: i have them on too thanks to you. bill: times square, new year's eve. it is freezing. i have taken both of them off. that is a good day, do you think. martha: if you see sweat. it looks like it is cold. looks like they're sweating. we're not nervous. just body warmth. bill: we're just getting started. special edition from washington, d.c. the notre dame football star is talking for the first time about the girlfriend hoax. what is he saying this time? martha: this story for you as well. the death toll rising in the bloody aftermath of a hostage siege in the sahara desert. we have a live update for you on that big story.
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bill: lawmakers have a big agenda waiting for them tomorrow. new sparring over the debt limit as the government faces another shut down possibly within weeks. will that happen? >> we need to stop spending. we need to reduce spending. but it would be better if we figure out how to do that in a targeted way, rather than across the board way. look what mommy is having.
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martha: all right. there was a frightening scene after a plane blew out four tires landing. it happened at newark airport. 13 people were onboard this plane. it was a flight from rochester, new york, to newark. reports are that nobody was hurt. we'll continue to keep a look at that situation. we'll let you know if there is any information on that. looks like everybody is okay. scary situation though. bill: republican senator roy blunt said president obama was confrontational in his first term. telling "fox news sunday" an chris wallace saying he does not expect anything different over the next four years. >> seems like a lot like the
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old combativers in. the president said during the campaign said you can't solve props from inside washington. there is only one guy that can actually lead in washington in a way to find a solution to big problems and that's the president. he speaks in general terms. he likes the executive order approach, a whole lot better than the legislative approach. where i think the common ground exists on the need to reduce the deficit in balanced way to have the economy grow among democrats on the hill and a few republicans. barrier to progress is not the president. we need to see more republicans in congress willing to compromise. bill: you're going to hear an awful let about this throughout the day. joe trippi, former advisor to several democratic presidential campaigns and also a fox news contributor. joe, good morning to you. thank you for your time today. i want to take blount's charge first this president is not willing to face up to the challenges to be
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bipartisan. essentially is what he is saying. he also went on to say he won't change. how do you view that? >> well the, you know, president obama is now won election twice with over 5%, 50% of the vote, which is, you know, he is, he and joe biden, those only two offices everybody votes for. and he has won. he got over 50%. so he will make his case. i think what is different, what is significantly different, there will be confrontation but i think the first time you're seeing the president move hess campaign organization, we just saw this in the last few days, move it into advocacy on the issues for his agenda during the second term. that's unprecedented. no president's ever been able it do that. and this time it is not with some rinky-dink campaign organization that we've seen in the past. this is the biggest campaign organization ever seen in the united states. 28, 30 million people.
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those people making the case to their members of congress regardless of party, whether the member is democrat or republican. i think could change the way we look at a lame duck second term presidency because of the power of that grassroots organization. bill: wow! that's a big statement, joe. back to the initial question though. >> sure. bill: blount make as heavy charge though. are there democrats in congress who agree with him? >> look, i think the way this works is you have got democrats who are in more conservative districts. you know, let's take gun control for example. there are senators from states like montana that have a different view of what we should do on guns than the president does. they're going to make that case. so, and they don't want to see the confrontation on that issue because it hurts them in their re-election efforts coming up in 2014. bill: that's true. >> the sail on the right
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with republican who is live in areas where, look, people want something done about guns. now, when you take what i said in the beginning where you put the president's campaign organization io that mix, and they're banging on both of those sides of the political equation, does that give the president more power to get his agenda through? i think it may change the way we look at the second term. bill: okay. now, what david plouffe is arguing there is common ground despite the perception on the outside. it is here in wash tone between these two parties and this president. where is that, joe? >> well, i mean you look at common ground, i mean you look at the people on both side. i think something like 92% of the american people, regardless of party, think there should be universal background checks on guns. so right there is a place where the president again, putting that, his organization to work, might
9:19 am
be able to make a stronger case to many conservatives on the hill as well as the democrats i pointed out who live in some of these more rural states or represent them that that's something they can find common ground and come to agreement on. bill: even last night the vice president joe biden in a speech introducing the president says look for gun control legislation as he termed it and also look for immigration to be two of the biggest points of pushing here in washington to start this term. joe trippi, thank you, sir. >> thanks, bill. bill: enjoy the day. >> you too. bill: we'll see you soon in person. martha. martha: enjoy the day indeed. it is beautiful here. one of the topics that will be quite hot very shortly is the debt in the second term. now we've got brand new "fox news poll"s that show eight out of 10 people are seriously concerned about the height of government spending in this country. we'll talk to neil cavuto live on that. bill: talking for the first time with the notre dame football star what he is now
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bill: a little bit of information now on the backdrop of today's inauguration event. there are five different american flags on the western side of the capitol building and they are chosen for a specific reason. the ones with the stars and a circular pattern are called the betsy ross flags. they flew in the u.s. in the 1790s. the two flags in the center when the president's home state of illinois was admitted to the union in 1818. the center flag represents our most recent flag with all 50 states in the union the last change, july of 1960, when hawaii became our 50th state. martha: beautiful. all right. let's go back to this bizarre story we talked
9:24 am
about a lot last week, a biz hoax -- bizarre hoax involving notre dame football star manti te'o. he is expected to give his first on-camera interview. that is expected to be forthcoming in the next couple days. mike tobin is live. we understand te'o has spoken about this whole affair and will speak about it again sometime this week, right? >> reporter: nobody talks to plain old reporters anymore. katie couric managed to get on this one, right, with manti te'o and his parents scheduled to speak on her new talk show the parents say they want to talk because they feel like they were played during the course of this whole hoax as well. te'o already spoke in print off-camara, just in time for the information to slip into the weekend news cycle where it gets less attention. he said he was not in on it. clearly he inflated the story a few times but he said the entire hoax was executed by a man named rene
9:25 am
yaw tuesday tuesday tuiasosopo. he was never really sure that the kakua was not real until tuiasosopo called him and apologized, martha. martha: wow, what a story this is. the pen believed behind this whole thing, tuiasosopo, you talked about, will we hear from him and his side of the story? >> reporter: it is interesting. his family is circled the wagons. they are lawyered up at a church operated by the alleged hoak sister's father. a family member told reporters that the family obtained legal counsel and they intend to do an interview this week. the father seemed to get a bit testy in the face of all this pressure and media attention desending on the family. he wrote on facebook, that much has been said in the media and many who were born in a manger in bethlehem and continue to walk on water will undoubtedly express their opinion. so it is going to be very interesting to see if the
9:26 am
tuiasosopo family is contrite when they give the interview. that will probably go to a talk show host. martha? martha: mike, hang in there. there is always hope. >> reporter: thank you. martha: mike tobin reporting. bill: we'll come back in our next lives as talk show host. >> exactly. bill: what a strange twist it was in the story on friday night. he tried to explain everything to jeremy shape from espn. i listened to 1 minutes of it. i was more confused than i was the day before. we'll see how that plays out. a lot of noise behind us. martha: a lot of practicing, and lean on me, crowd was singing and folks practicing part of the military parade. bill: it will fill out throughout the morning here. there is brand new poll that shows eight out of 10 americans are concerned with government spending. it is issue number one for them. neil cavuto is here in washington. he is live. and how this could all play out in the second term. also there is this coming up. >> it is time to reawaken
9:27 am
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9:31 am
least one american we've heard about so far. conor powell live in our middle east bureau with more what is happening there today. connor. hello. >> reporter: a group reportedly behind this attack that left at least 48 of the hostages killed and at least one american. there isn't much known about the group. the group's name actually means the brig dwad -- brigade of the masked ones. it is believed to be tied with other terror groups in north after and including mali and libya and also has ties to al qaeda. they are promising more attacks like this one if western governments don't stop military operations in neighboring mali. initially they said all 32 militants were killed in the initial raid. they're saying five, six or so of them are in custody. this is type of confusing information we've been getting out of algeria since
9:32 am
the start of it and doesn't help paint a full picture what happened there. late last night algerian officials say they will not allow foreigners to secure its oil and gas field. not a comforting sign and statement coming from algeria, bill. bill: there are still people unaccounted for. we're trying to figure out who we believe the people to be. thank you, conor powell out of jerusalem with the latest on that story. thank you. martha: back here in d.c. a brand new "fox news poll" show americans are very concerned about the where the u.s. economy will go in the second term of president obama. 54% say they believe the president is more interested in growing the tentacles of government in the this country. 36% believe reducing debt is his bigger priority. what does it mean for the second term as our debt continues to balloon by the minute? what about our financial standing in the world? who better to ask about these big questions that
9:33 am
face our country, our own neil cavuto, anchor of "your world", senior vice president of the fox business network among other things. good to have you here. >> thank you, martha. you even mentioned that poll. i will. and i apologize for the brief delay there. this poll indicates that americans are concerned about spending so might be at loggerheads with the view many have on capitol hill that spending was not nearly the issue as much as taxing the rich was. it is too early to say. i have no idea what the president will say in his remarks today. he is we're told going to call for both parties to address our bigger issues so as not to be dragged down by our smaller slights. beyond that we don't know whether the president is going to sort of a give a blueprint how we do that. that might be saved for the february state of the union address when he will have an opportunity to spell things out. clearly what is coming through in some of these
9:34 am
latest polls americans are concerned about spending. you could make an argument that there are consequences of elections and one of them is meaning the rich pay more in taxes but that did not give a pass to spending issues. and that is something we're going to be seeing coming up in the days and weeks ahead, martha, where they're cot delling together what could be a three-month extension of the debt ceiling to try to hammer out more spending cuts and coupled with chuck schumer, the man in charge of today's big inaugural event, more tax hikes. a lot of bruising to come as far as they settle this but they are a long way from settling it. martha: neil, that raises a bigger question. you look at the second term of fdr who dealt with obviously severe economic distress in this country. what happened was they relapsed. there is lot of concern if we do continue to raise taxes and small business owners who the president said are one of his priorities in the second
9:35 am
term, but if their sense is their taxes are going higher, they will continue to pull in and get smaller and leaner and not hire i would imagine. so the big question is, where is the whole economy going to head if taxes are increased in other ways in this country? >> well you know the president spoke to quickly come back at the notion, if wall street is worried about this and companies are worried about this, investors are worried about this they have a funny way of showing it. the s&p, the dow, some of these other averages are back at five-year highs, martha, a lot of that on the belief the certainty of taxes on the rich is behind them. they have a good idea where they're going from there. they are worried about these other developments. i think the big question that has to be answered, we're a long way from answering it whether there is confidence that both parties will get together and cobble an agreement to cut spending long term will materialize. you know, wall street, when it is disappointed what is expected to happen doesn't
9:36 am
happen or won't happen as quickly, well it gets ugly, it gets very ugly. martha: we know from some of the president's advisors they hope that they will have a 12-month window, 16 months perhaps at pest to hit the ground running and get accomplished what is on their agenda before the focus as we all know starts to turn to the next election and midterms. so the window is open. we'll see if that kind of compromise is in the works. we'll learn more it obviously -- >> the window, right. the window is even shorter, martha, if you think about it. eight weeks for these agreed to spending cuts that were delayed. the debt ceiling approaching as you know about the same time. even if they were to push that back another month, two, three, the fact of matter --. martha: jump in neil. we see the president now. thank you very much. neil cavuto. bill: from st. john's episcopal church, they call this church the church of the presidents. every sitting member of white house attended church here going back to james madison.
9:37 am
half a dozen or so presidents always made it their first stop on inauguration day. president obama continues that tradition with his family just emerging. martha: lovely family. the girls, we watched them grow up last four years, saush sha -- sasha and malia. how do you feel, is being shouted from the crowd. incredible moment for barack obama as he gets ready to begin his second term. four presidents have done this particular tradition of going to st. john's right before their inauguration. harry truman, ronald reagan and both president bush's went to st. john's on the actual morning of the inauguration. we watch president barack obama carry on that tradition. bill: remarkable when you are here in washington and you see the white house for the location where we are, lafayette church, st. john's church is on the north end of lafayette park. if you were to walk as a civilian, might be 300 yards total. martha: not today. bill: in this case with the
9:38 am
president and first family and amount of security in washington, d.c. as we see the vice president now get inside of his limousine as well, there are no chances taken here. climbing into cadillac 1, coming back to the white house before the procession begins up pennsylvania avenue toward the capitol building. that church is such a beautiful part of our nation's capitol. if you have been here you have seen it and you have seen the history inside of it and how intimate it is as a house of worship. martha: the presidents sit in the pew 54 in st. john's which is reserved for the presidents. every president's initials are embroidered in that church. they have all attended it at one time or another. various presidents attending churches of difficult faiths. president john f. kennedy went to holy trinity here in washington on the morning of his inaugural. four presidents have gone there on the day of the inauguration. president obama has kept that tradition. boy, it is just gorgeous out. it will be such a spectacular day to watch
9:39 am
this real piece of american pageantry and such an important part how we continue the transition to the next term for the president of the united states, bill. bill: we were reminded over the weekend a few months ago during the campaign the president was approachesed on the trail by a gentleman who said i was at your first inauguration. i froze my tail off. the president said, it will be warmer this time around. so he was on record for his forecast. i think for the most part he was right about that. i think we probably slipped in the window just before the cold stuff really rolls through a bit later today. i tell you, i remember standing on the mall four years ago, martha, it was such a remarkable moment. we talked earlier with carl cameron about the crowd here, estimated 1.6 to 1.8 million people, the largest single event in the history of the washington, d.c. standing there in the mall and watching president obama give his first inauguration speech. the gentleman next to me was 62 years old from the state
9:40 am
of louisiana, an african-american male who was wearing a purple jacket with gold trim and tears just streaming down the side of his face as he watched the first african-american president be inaugurated in our nation's history. and today, well that gentleman, wherever he is, whether here in washington or back home in louisiana, gets a second shot to watch and to listen. martha: a lot to watch for today. you can hear the crowds cheering behind us. and there is the presidential motorcade as it goes into the white house. that is what is getting the big cheers behind us. just about, i don't know, 100 yards, 75 yards from where we're sitting the president and his family are crossing to head into the white house property. very excited crowd out here today. the numbers may not be what they were before but you can definitely see the pride on the faces of so many families. lots of kids here to take this in. what a sight it is, bill. it see the motorcade and the
9:41 am
flags on the front, there is a lot of division in this country over so many issues. today i think is a day when you sort of pause and think about how great it is to be an american and how lucky we are to have the strength of this office carry us through. bill: there are several hundred people now gathered on the bleachers behind us. there is room frankly for thousands and thousands. they will trickle in throughout the day. for those who gathered already. they have five hours to wait before the parade begins. and then sometime after that before the first family comes out to the viewing section behind us here and then at some point during the parade route as trace digs especially on a lovely day like today the president and the first lady will take a moment to walk a few strides on pennsylvania avenue. usually that is where you get the picture, you capture the moment of the day as was the case in january of 2009. martha: we're in a spectacular spot to watch all this play out of the you hear the cheers behind us.
9:42 am
you see the president and joe biden and jill enter the white house. the family and his daughters running up the step. what an impact this has all had on their lives. mary robinson, michelle obama's mother with the family. lives in the white house. bill: there is always a moment that you remember on a personal level when you attend an inauguration in washington, d.c. and from january of 2001 after that divisive battle in tallahassee, florida, between al gore and george bush, i remember the rains pouring undo on the streets of washington, d.c. four years later. it was the freedom speech with george bush 43 starting his second term.
9:43 am
it was a cold, cold day but he was setting out what he believed the transformation for the rest of the world and democracy would prevail. the four years ago, the gentleman from louisiana crystalized for me the moment and for millions to watch that. we'll see what moment comes today. that's why we're here in washington. we await that. martha: we talked moments ago to neil cavuto. he will cover all today's events for fox business network. starting 11:00 a.m. he will be live from lafayette park. you can always watch neil at 4:00 p.m. on "your world" from fox news channel. bill: he will have a busy four years on the fox business network, covering debt and deficit and how we get out of this mess. stay tuned for that. the white house is vowing to take a mosh bipartisan approach the next five years. will that work and will that happen? karl rove addresses that. he worked with president bush during his second term. he will reflect on that live out of the austin, texas, live.
9:44 am
martha: how about this for an aside of the a shark swims dangerously close to a group of children. what one beachgoer did to save the day. >> it was pretty scary, sorry. i was calling out to them. they couldn't really understand what i was saying. do you think you want to get back in the water again? >> no. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ wh do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh!
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9:47 am
bill: the white house saying the president will do everything he can to work with republicans in his second term but the majority of americans are not so sure about that. our new fox polling shows that more than half the country, 55%, believe the president has been more confrontational with congress since being reelected. is that the case? karl rove, former senior advisor to president george w. bush and a fox news contributor and good morning to you, karl. i see you stayed far away from washington, d.c. today, back there in austin, texas. what do you think that number, 55%, reflects based on what we've watched over the past two months? >> well, it reflects people
9:48 am
paying attention to what's been going on. the president has been far more confrontational after the election. in fact, excuse me, "new york times" article yesterday interviewing a bunch of his friends where one of the takeaways from his friends and aides, he would be quote, more bloody-minded about republicans. recent stories in both the post and "l.a. times" and "new york times" where his aids felt aides felt he was liberated in his section term. liberated from what? take on political opposition and focus on defeating the republicans in the fourth fourth election. most presidents say they're liberated. i'm never on the ballot again. i can work with people to bring together big purposes. the president has much smaller objective. let me beat use my power to beat my political opposition into submission and that never has a happy ending. bill: democrats believe that on the hill also and what do
9:49 am
you portend? >> democrats will increasingly looking out after themselves. they don't have a good, cordial strong personal relationship with the president. they applaud him. ran on the same ticket with him. but on the other hand they know there's a difference between the president's attitude towards them and what they like it to be. and you earlier had joe trippi on, talking about how they're using obama for america, their political organization to try to beat up people on the hill to force the president on measures like gun control. if you're a red state democrat like mary landrieu or begich of alaska, do you want the president beatings up on you about gun control? this may work for the president but i think it is going, it also runs the risk of not working by having democrats say, why are you putting me in a difficult place, mr. president? you're name is on not on the ballot in 2014 or 2016. mine is. it may dim finish to get this thing done it looks political, not issue oriented. not local people doing it.
9:50 am
it is a political group doing it. bill: a big challenge here, karl, in 15 seconds turnout will be one-third what it was four years ago. how do you continue the momentum when you know the challenges historically are so difficult in the second term? >> well, that's the big challenge. and remember the president's job approval friday in the gallup was 48. his job approval all last year was 49. he is not starting from a position of enormous strength. presidents sometimes in their second terms overestimate the political capital they have. this president may be on the verge of doing that. >> thank you, karl, we'll see together. karl rove in austin. martha. martha: bill talking about this moments ago. thousands coming out in support of their second amendment rights over the weekend. what it means for a top priority. it has been well told for president obama's second term agenda. in d.c., "america's newsroom" will be right back. >> ready and willing to become a victim? >> no!
9:51 am
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martha: thousands of gun rights activists rallying across the nation over the weekend but the white house says it hopes that congress votes to support president obama's proposals. >> we think there is consensus on capitol hill for this. we get 60 votes in the senate. >> for assault weapons? >> president put forward a have variety of things. assault weapons. high-capacity magazines, mental health check, school safety. we think there is support for a lot of these things and we'll push as hard as we can. martha: mark these send, former speechwriter to president george w. bush. alcan combs -- alan colmes, host of the "alan colmes
9:55 am
radio show". good morning. big day in america. great to have you both with us. you heard david plouffe's remarks. you worked for president george w. bush. is there common ground that needs to be sought on this issue in this country, do you think? >> i think there can be. look, i have two daughters who are the exact same age as the kids who died in newtown. there are a lot of things the republicans can support like the president announced. better gun owner and safety education and mental health support and helping develop emergency responses and the rest but when the president goes to gun control i think the public support and bipartisan support drops dramatically. there is a fox news poll shows only 22% of americans believe more gun control would have actually stopped an incident in newtown where as 71% think the criminals will get guns anyway. the 71% are right. there sim peer call evidence that shows it. i think it is a mistake to go after gun control. >> criminals will always get guns. go ahead, i'm sorry.
9:56 am
martha: go ahead, alan. >> criminals will always get guns. doesn't mean you don't make laws. if that is the case you didn't make laws because people would always break them. according to gallup, 53% support president's on gun control. "time" magazine as 56%. there is great support in congress and senate at least among the american people for the president to do what he wants to do. martha: we have another poll we want to look at. it shows basically americans believe the most important thing is to protect the constitutional right of the second amendment to own guns. 51% say that. 40% say they think the most important part is to protect citizens from gun violence. just a quick thought on that, mark. we have to go. we have to break away to something live here. >> exactly. protecting americans from gun violence, the assault weapons ban doesn't do that we had assault weapons ban from 1994 to 2004. it expired in 2004. you know what happened? guns violence went down since the sought weapons ban
9:57 am
expired. bill: the white house giving a bit of the theme for the speech. moments away in washington. martha: a major weather alert in parts of the country where cold temperatures are coming. we'll be right ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration, every bit of determination,
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. martha: we are following other developing news stories this morning. bad weather coming, a easter bearing down. we will tell you where the storm will hit. an unbelievable story how the man saved a day as a shark came swimming a bit too close to shore. >> former secretary of state condoleezzaa rice saying that she thinks, and what she thinks rather could be a big opportunity for republicans. we'll tell you what that is. >> i said, you know, it's not a strategy to keep hoping that parts of the population don't turn out. you've got to simply broaden i. think immigration is really the big issue, frankly. we set some pretty bad signals around immigration. blam the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth.
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10:13 am
martha: president obama promising to deliver on immigration reform in the second term. former secretary of state condoleezzaa rice says the issue could actually be a very big opportunity she believes for republicans.
10:14 am
listen to what she said. >> we've got tow get comprehensive immigration reform back on the agenda. there are republicans like marco rubio and others who are speaking out about this because the republican party has to demonstrate that it has broad appeal. martha: ric chris wallace tphoeupbs mnow, anchor. i want to talk to you a little bit about the immigration issue. when i hear about marco rubio and see when he's working on now, you can't help but look forward. he had this idea about immigration before the president came out with his plan and mitt romney had ten opportunity to sign onto it. now condoleezzaa rice seems to be saying, we have to learn some lessons from the last election, the g.o.p. does in terms of how they treat this issue. >> absolutely. i mean look at the exit polls,
10:15 am
71% of hispanics, hiss are the fastest growing demographic to america and 71% of them voted for obama. back eight years prior to that in 2004 george w. bush got 44% of hispanics. romney continue even get 30%. that is the difference in a state like florida, and a a bunch much other states around the country. republicans have got to find way to say to hispanics that we are on your side, we welcome you, value you, and yes even to the 11 million i will legals who are here, and you're exactly right, during the height of the 2012 campaign marco rubio was talking about a "dream act" light, some kind of measure that would allow people who are here, we're talking now about young people who were brought here as children through no fault of their own who had gone to college or served in the military, to make sure that they weren't deprocedure etd an depo*erted andeported and had a
10:16 am
path to sit te citizenship. and president obama said don't deport those people. a lot of the vote went to obama, the president is on our side. the republicans can't do that this time. i understand the concerns about people break our laws and border enforcement has to be part of it, but they have to send a message to hispanics that we understand and value you, and we have an answer for all of the millions of you who are out there. martha: i think you can really look to that as one of the significant turning points in the 2012 election, in terms of losing that large constituency. you look at it now and marco rubio, clearly one of the strongest voices on this. in the past president george w. bush talked a lot about arrangements that coul could be made nor people here illegally. will rubio lead the charge on
10:17 am
this and will he have a competitive voice in this discussion? >> he'll only have a competitive voice if he can get republican buy in. as the child of cuban-american exiles he has the story and he's a powerful speaker. but look at 2012. if he can't get republicans to buy in to whatever it is that he comes up with, no he's not going to be competitive with the president. the president is talking about some big, and whether we'll hear about it today or in the state of the union address, i'm sure you'll hear some of it today of a major comprehensive plan that involves all sorts of aspects of immigration reform. rubio and the republicans are talking about a piecemeal approach. it might make more sense but it won't be nearly as appealing to hispanic people listening out there today. martha: it could be very easy for the president and democrats to dominate that conversation. big decision to be made by the g.o.p. and condoleezzaa rice calling them out and asking them what they are going to do about
10:18 am
it. chris, thank you. we'll be watching you throughout the coverage of this big inauguration in d.c. thank you, chris. >> reporter: thank you, martha. bill: what you're watching is a number of checkpoints where a number of people have to stand in line, sometimes for hours and clear security. once they get past that point they are allowed to cross pennsylvania avenue. you'll see this thought the next couple of hours here. it's 10:18 local time. we are about 20 minutes away from the procession to leave from the white house going up pennsylvania avenue. what a site that is the west front of the capitol. euflit is transformed as it has in the pass, for 30 years, they pag change the front. there is a nor'easter bringing cold to millions of people. not too bad yet today. it has been chilly in the past. so he cold they had to move it inside. can you name that year. martha: i can. bill: more on that.
10:19 am
we will give you an answer. martha: when we come back. bill: right on, as our coverage continues. >> the faith, the devotion, which we bring to this endeavor, we'll light our country and all who serve it and the glow from that fire can truly light the world. and so my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. [cheers and applause] who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls.
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10:22 am
martha: it's a pretty nice day today for the inauguration overall. a little chilly right now, about 30 degrees. very bearable. the coldest inauguration happened back in 1985 for president ronald reagan.
10:23 am
it was 7 degrees outside. and they did make the decision to move it inside to the capitol. the wettest fdr1937, record-setting rain that year. and more than 8 inches of snow fell, it was pretty but tough to get around for president kennedy's 1961 inauguration. and this one is the most tragic of all really because back in 1841 william harrison gave a 100-minute speech on a cold, windy day. he caught pneumonia and died within a month of taking office. that was a stark warning to others who went after him, keep it short. bill: before the body warmers of course. martha: exactly. bill: 23 minutes past the hour now. serious story here. police are trying to piece together this gruesome crime in new mexico, two parents and three children murdered inside their home. william la jeunesse works that story from our west coast bureau in los angeles. william, hello. >> reporter: well, bill, this 15-year-old boy got in an argument with his mother and then killed her, killed the
10:24 am
brothers and sisters and waited several hours until his father came home and killed him. this family was struggling paycheck to paycheck. his father was a form pastor and volunteer at the albuquerque county jail and currently unemployed. the shooting happened early saturday morning in a rural area southwest of albuquerque. police arrived they found five dead and a 15-year-old and several weapons that apparently belonged to the family. >> there is no other way to say it except that we have a horrific screen that we ar crime scene. we'll work hard to do everything that need to be done. >> reporter: police are still processing the crime scene. the nats was a former gang member who found god, he became a volunteer chaplin at the fire department in county jail. friends say he helped troubled kids get back on track often letting them stay at the house. his son neamiah they say he was
10:25 am
a quiet kid. he said i'm a fun loving guy who likes people and i might be shy but open up once you get to know me. please have a news conference scheduled for tomorrow. he could be tried as an adult. bill: what a tragedy that is. william la jeunesse from los angeles. martha: we have breaking news that is just coming in on the hostage situation in algeria. no doubt the president has been alerted to this and this is on his mind on this beautiful day. we now know that more americans were killed in that devastating situation. we'll be right back.
10:26 am
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
bill: fox news alert. we mentioned this right before the break. we have reports now of two more americans confirmed dead after that terrorist raid on the gas plant in eastern algeria, which brings the total now to three americans inside. we have the identity of one, he's frederick butacchio from the state of texas. we don't have identities on the other two. we smoke with conor powell last hour. it is clear that it is not yet determined how many people inside that facility have been killed in total, and also what their nationalities are. there is one report suggesting a canadian national aided or assisted or may have directed the terrorist inside that gas plant. we are working through that story out of algeria and also
10:30 am
our middle east pwraour oefpl bureau. when we get details you will hear them first. three americans confirmed dead inside that in a silt in the satisfactory hai sahara. martha: so much unrest in so many places, but today in washington the stage is si set for a very important ceremony. we are 90 minutes away from president obama's swearing in and inaugural address. ed henry joins me now. good morning,ed. >> reporter: i was outside st. john's church just across lafayette park where i am right now a short time ago. as you know the president, the first lady, the vice president and his wife went into a church service that lasted almost an hour. goes back to fdr where a president or newly elected president will go in, have a chance for spiritual guidance, pause and reflect on the past
10:31 am
four years and now think about the four years ahead. a lot of big challenges. the president will be talk about that in his inaugural address. interesting that the pastor at st. johns was talking about in recent days he thinks that president obama has almost been a mass tore in chief, someone who in newtown, connecticut had to go in and try and heal the community there. now a bigger challenge healing the country who has been through a financial crisis. a country after a very hard fought and tight election is looking to see what the president will do in the days ahead to bring them together on not just fixing the economy, immigration reform, now gun control, as i mentioned after newtown on the agenda. i saw the president's chief speech writer outside of the church an was carrying a manila folder that had the inaugural address and he gave me a thumb's up as if they kneel good about it, there are two themes, coming together and a call to action, getting the american people
10:32 am
engaged in the political process not just during the campaign but after the campaign in the four years ahead. the motorcade below the resier where we are, martha, as you can tell is starting to gather. in the next few moments the president and first lady will be joining up with the vice president and his wife and the congressional leaders and starting that motorcade over to the capitol to get ready nor the swearing in. martha: it is a very big morning, and,ed, you hit on so many of the important themes we expect to her a lot more about in the second term from president obama. the tone of this speech, whether or not he'll be somewhat controversial, what he'll stick to his guns on and will not cecede, gun control comes to mind, or will he strike a tone like he did before that put him on the political map. what kind of america are we? >> reporter: you're absolutely right.
10:33 am
look, all presidents when they come up to an inaugural address obviously the broad team is going to be about coming together. it's not going to be about division. in recent days what will be more important will be the actse actions the president has after the inaugural ae address. on guns and at the news conference he had a sort of defiant tone. we'll see what happens after the inaugural address. bill: when president obama first took the oath of office four years ago the focus was on the economy. it's not much different today. there is a spotlight on spending. check out the new fox polling number here, a whooping 83% believe government spending is out of control. that has increased every year. megyn kelly will be hosting with bret throughout the day. i find that number stunning not
10:34 am
just to the lawmakers on the hill but to the president behind us, that that attention has only increased as americans see the debt number top 16.4 trillion. >> they care about it. you had a "washington post" editorial the other day talking about how president obama needs to get entitlement spending under control and if he doesn't those programs are going to be in major trouble in the coming years. it's just a statement of fact, it's not a matter for opinion. and yet, you know, there's been very little leadership on that issue in washington. some have taken a shot eight, paul ryan took a shot at it to his political peril, it was used against him when he was running for the white house. these politicians, they don't really have the spine for taking a shot at these very, very controversial so-called third rail issues and yet you can see the american people want them to, bill. bill: yeah, i think the other number that i find striking today, four years ago unemployment in the u.s. was 7.8%. and four years later on this
10:35 am
very day it is also 7.8% as we see the first family now leave the white house, and again make the procession up to capitol hill. yet, i'm not quite sure how much that will be addressed in terms of the inaugural speech today. it may be brushed with more, perhaps a thematic theme than specific. megyn: you can't imagine he will talk about the unemployment rate which obviously isn't very good in this country and is expected now to stay at at least 7% through 2014. president obama promised if we passed the stimulus we would be no higher than 8%, of course we went up to 10%, now we are still hovering in the high single digits. we are told that this address is going to be broader, talking about the importance of working together, and that is aimed not only at his republican colleagues over in the house of representatives but at the american people. president obama, our viewers have heard a lot about this in the past couple of days, really
10:36 am
believes that the way to govern when we have such a divided government and the party dived so highlighted now is to go directly to the american people and try to rally his folks to get to their politicians and put the pressure onto get his agenda through. the two big items he's expected to push second term are immigration and gun control. there is a whole lot more he would like to accomplish, bill, and he's not going to do it without the will of the american people. the house republicans just don't see eye to eye with him on the issues. bill: you heard from david plouff said on sunday too, that this will be a hopeful speech. i think in general this is the day of the new beginning, and i think in general americans are optimistic people and they hope that things will get better for them. but when you look at the unemployment numbers from four years ago, labor participation rate was 65.5%. that is down 2%, about 63-point 5% now since the president took
10:37 am
office. and you can clearly see that jobs in america is still job number one. again, thematically, hope and optimism that america can be that great lace that so many people believe it can be again. i imagine in the 18 to 20 minute address we'll hear a bit about that too. megyn: i think that is true for many reasons. a, he cornered the market on hope, that was his slogan going into the off the of office the first time around. it's perhaps less impact full the second time around when he has had a devisive presidency, which is attributable to not only him but hits colleagues on the hill that have given him problems on the hill as far as his legislation. presidents who have been red are presidents who managed to keep that optimistic tone especially in that second term, including ronald reagan comes to mind. jfk is another person who is credited with notwithstanding
10:38 am
divided government, being able to keep the country's spirit up. when you've got 7.8 unemployment. when the expect ebgt growt expected growth for next year is expected to be at 2.1%, we are not hearing jobs is number one on the agenda we are hearing it's guns and immigration, people do need to have their spirits lifted, you know. bill: huge challenges. we'll go through it together. thank you, megyn. megyn kelly with us here. megyn: stay warm. bill: we shall. you do the same. megyn: it's better than it was four years ago, right? it was in the teens with the windchill then. bill: down right balmy. we'll see you with bret coming up in a matter of moments here on the fox news channel, their coverage kicks off right around 11:00am eastern time. thank you, megyn. martha. martha: we have watched some of the folks leaving the white house as they head over to capitol hill. a huge portion of the motorcade
10:39 am
is assembled behind us, probably 30 black, shiny vehicles that are lined up back here, an incredible amount of security presence as you would imagine, highly armored vehicle surrounding the motorcade behind us as everything prepares for the trip over. lots going on in washington d.c. here on a historic day. "america's newsroom" will be right back. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ thank you. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make meone happy.♪.♪it's so e ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪
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10:42 am
martha: all right. lots happening here in washington d.c., just outside the white house where bill and i are watching everything. there's chris van hollan, prominent democrat as they start to assemble on capitol hill. moments ago we saw the vice president and his wife dr. jill biden leaving the white house. a very important morning in american history. there is newt gingrich and his wife calista. also in attendance there everybody is gathering, a pretty
10:43 am
good moment for the inauguration as it gets underway. brit hume as seen one or two of these in his career. he's a fox news political analyst. >> good morning, martha. don't ask me how many. martha: a lot to be said about the controversy and the tension that exists right now, the difficulties that face this president, but this morning perhaps not for that. it's more for something else. >> reporter: one would certainly imagine not, martha, although the way the president has been speaking and acting in the weeks since his election, particularly in the weeks since the first of the year has been remarkably and i think fair to say, unusually partisan. however, one would not imagine that he would make a particularly partisan speech today. and i think there is a lot of interest in what he will find to say and what the tone will be. i'm certainly looking forward to hearing it, just out of shear
10:44 am
curiosity as a reporter. martha: yeah. as am i. the motorcade is right behind us, as you can see it on the left hand side of your screen, everybody at home. it begins to make the trip from the white house, coming through the gate right now, heading to the capitol. you know, brit, a lot has been said about this president and the way that he speaks. he says, i, a lot, he refers to himself. i read a piece yesterday about second inaugural addresses and they tend to be focused on the president and what he plans for the future. you can just kind of take this in for a moment, everybody, hear the cheers as the president is starting to go by right behind us. it's an interesting question in terms of the tone he'll take today, brit. because he has an opportunity here to be the leader that some has said he has not always been in the first term. [cheering] >> i think that's right, martha, most presidents, especially in and initial, a first inaugural, will do what they can to say
10:45 am
that, you know, regardless of whether you voted for me or not, i'm your president too, i intend to be the president of all the people. think of this route, martha that they are on just to pause here, coming down 15th street about to turn onto pennsylvania avenue again as they pass the treasury death. you can go back in american history, martha, a longtime, back to the days when -- before there was real photography and they had those vergara types. you can see those streets and buildings were in place and that was the route used then. remarkable and historic, every one of them. martha: it is. i thought that last night in the dark walk around down here, brit. some of these buildings have seen so much over the source of this history, and when you think about what it means to be president of the united states of america, the weight that is on this man's shoulders, a lot of tension in the country and around the world right now that he will have to deal with. it's a big job.
10:46 am
today, perhaps is fun, and it's a moment of pomp and circumstance, but this job weighs heavily on everybody who takes it on. >> reporter: it does. martha: and we watch it unfold. >> reporter: we do. and what i think is notable about second terms -- they are using a familiar route here as they go. very often second terms are characterized by things that nobody thought about or thought of as the president, whoever he is, was making his inaugural address. you think about george w. bush in his second fall ral, it wa inaugural. it was devoted to the freedom agenda, trying to promote an atmosphere in which terrorism won't take root. look what happened in his second toufrplt we had the iraq war already underway and the tkwao*eufts and the surge and all that.
10:47 am
we had things like hurricane katrina which dealt such a blow to his administration politically. obviously nobody saw that coming. martha: so true. >> reporter: nobody saw the troubles that would bee set bill clinton in his second term, principle lee the monica liwienski scandal that would damage his approval rating. what we don't know sometimes is what turns out to be most critical in the second term, and it's -- it rile is an example of you never know. martha: yeah, who knows what the future hold for this president. brit, thank you so much. bill: that last point is an excellent one too. we've spent the last couple of hours talking about the national challenge here at home, whether it's deficit and debt spending, whether it's the unemployment i rate, trying to find a firmer foot for the economy. there is no telling what can happen overseas, based on what we are watching just in northern africa in the last 24 months it is remarkable how that has
10:48 am
really pushed itself into the headlines of america today. this is a shot, i don't think we've seen before. i was on the mall four years ago, and i did not have a monitor, frankly, but a rolling shot of cadillac one making its way to the capitol building. did we have that four years ago? martha: i don't believe we did. it's a remarkable shot. we saw it roll right by here. you can see the cameras that are set up to get exactly this moment. and boy the president is well protected. when you look at what is going on in the streets around here, and thaeupb credible vehicle, which, you know, is basically a tank as it rolls through. it's an elegant looking tank but that's what it is, just a momentous occasion really for all americans, regardless of how you voted in the last election or how you feel about this president, it is a moment to be in ahh awe of this country. bill: we are an hour away, owe facially that is the moment when
10:49 am
the swearing in is official. this will be the second president in history who has been sworn in four times. martha: this is true. bill: fdr was the first until barack obama. and you wonder how could that happen? well four years ago chief justice john roberts screwed it up, and to uphold the constitution he made a second trip to the white house. martha: we all know the perils of adlibbing, this time he has the paper. bill: the festivities are reserved today which is also martin luther king day. the irony that chief roberts will administer the oath yet again today who was the critical vote on the key piece of legislation on the healthcare law that was passed in 2010. martha: that is it for us. we will have continuing coverage of all of today's events, of course and the inauguration with bret baier, and megyn kelly starting right now. bill: our entire crew here in washington d.c., it will be a day of history and we invite you
10:50 am
to continue with us here on fox. >> welcome to fox news coverage of the presidential inauguration. the president and vice president are about to arrive at the capitol for the beginning of the festivities. i'm bret baier here in washington. megyn: i'm megyn kelly. the first family has just left the white house now on their way up pennsylvania avenue to capitol hill where the swearing in will take place. of course the official swearing in took place about 25 hours ago, this time yesterday, 23 hours ago this time yesterday, pursuant to the 20th amendment that it has to take police on january 20th and so it did. this will be the ceremonial
10:51 am
swearing in but the one that the public actually turns out for. it's a very important event u. should see the streets of washington with the folks lined up by the thousands trying to catch a glimpse of history in the making, and it will happen today not only as we watch our president sworn in for a second term, but today martin luther king day only the second time in history that our president has been sworn in on martin luther king day. the first time was the second swearing in of president bill clinton, and this year as we go into the 50th anniversary of the march on washington we will officially, well ceremonial lee nicaragua rate our president barack obama. >> you see the motorcade making its way up. the president will go to the capitol. over the next hour we will get to the place where the first family and vice president biden and his family will be escorted up to the west side of the u.s. capitol, and the west front, and we will have the ceremonial swearing in. of course you have the
10:52 am
motorcade, and look at awful the people in the mall waving flags as the president rolls by. you can see the crowd here, they are significantly less than four years ago, but still it's a big shot as you look across the mall. a lot of people, hundreds of thousands of people. we don't have an official estimate yet. but there are a lot of folks here, probably about a third they say of what the people here four years ago as the presidential motorcade arrives there into the entrance of the u.s. kaptd toll building. megyn capitol pwulzing. megyn: megyn: president obama set unprecedented records four years ago. there were 1.8 million people who turned out for his inauguration, which was history in the making as we inaugurated our first black president. the numbers will be pretty high for your regular inauguration but nowhere near where they were four years ago. [cheering] megyn: you can see the enthusiasm among the crowd. most of these are party
10:53 am
faithful. walking around the streets of washington, a lot of folks, even republicans are feeling excitement just on the day of national pride and the system of government we have here in this country that has worked so smoothly, a smooth transition of power whether it's from one party to another or the consistency of one president taking his second oath of office, or in barack obama's case technically this will be his fourth. as we celebrate democracy. winston churchill said democracy is the worst form of government except for all the other once that have been tried. this is the day we celebrate our choice in the united states of america. >> the motorcade make its way into the u.s. capitol. for countries around the world where democracy is not the form of government this is also a signal, as you mention about the transition of power. there you get a great shot of the broad -- shot of the national mall and the people there filing in. you'll remember the shot like this four years ago where it was just jam packed, and you really
10:54 am
couldn't see any space. there towards the back you can see some of the grass areas, but that is a lot of people, even as you look at that. just to get a glimpse of that, that is hundreds of thousands of people right there. megyn: four years ago it was so overwhelming that they -- there's chief justice john roberts who administered the oath to the president formally there. of course there is the first lady, she will be coming in separately from the president who will stand back for a bit until he makes his official entrance. the chief justice administered the oto figures alley to president obama yesterday inside the white house in the blue room r it went off without a hitch, unlike four years ago when he botched it. there is justice sonia sotomayor. and justice kagan behind justice sonia sotomayor.
10:55 am
appointed by president obama and confirmed. justice suiter with the hat on. -- i'm sorry, bryer. he is one of the older liberal justices on the court that may be a candidate for retirement. >> let's listen in as vice president biden gets ready to come in. sometimes you catch a little thing and you never know. vice president biden east walks by. threw see the president getting ready to walk down into the capitol. you can see in the shadows there, in the distance, president obama looking up toward the inside of the capitol building, going up the stairs. >> it looks like that is chuck schumer who has had a major hand in all of this. in terms of organize eurpbg the event and making sure that things go off without a hitch and the president knows where he's going and everybody around him knows where they are going. you can't imagine the lo
10:56 am
logistical planning that goes into this event. >> let's listen in. ♪ [music playing] >> thank you, i love this place, you look great. >> the president shaking hands with house speaker john boehner, there you see, and the majority leader cantor and nancy pelosi as well as the senate majority harry reid welcoming him to the capitol. there you see the west front of the u.s. capitol and the familiar part of the inaugural ceremony where the president will be sworn n. there you see former president clinton and the current secretary of state hillary clinton. >> we are only expecting two
10:57 am
former presidents to be here today, bill clinton and jimmy carter. president carter already came out but george h.w. bush still recovering from a recent illness and george w. bush and laura bush sending their regrets and wishing the first family all the best on this special day, and their family. >> all of the dignitaries come down, they are seated, then the families will be announced and seated. the biden family announced and seated, just after 11:00 in ten minutes. then the obama family will be announced and seated. and then you'll have the ceremonial announcement of the first laid doe and dr. biden as well. megyn: bill clinton has done this walk a lot. >> there you see former president jimmy carter and
10:58 am
rosalyn carter. jim angle is there right in front of the capitol. jim. >> reporter: hello, breath. as you saw both the president and vice president and the former president's coming in, the crowd could see that on a jumbo-tron and they all started cheering. in fact they started cheering when the president's motorcade got on to the capitol ground. so there is a lot of excitement here as you can imagine, and not only here but as you mentioned all the way up the national mall, up to th the washington monument where you see the crowds now. we are getting to the moments when some of the dignitaries will come out. members of congress have been coming out for some time. there were people here hat 5:00 this morning using windex and brasso to polish the stairway and every inch of carpet, just the things that you do at home, like i do at my house when people come over so everything will be spick and spa speubg
10:59 am
spick and span for the second inauguration of barack obama. >> jim angle there on the west side of the capitol. megyn: let's just listen to what is going on. ♪ [music playing] [applause] megyn: i was out on the mall four years ago when all of our presidents were there, including george h.w. bush and george w. bush and i can tell you firsthand that there were several boos in the audience not just for george w. bh,


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